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Hi there,

We’re JetBlack, the production company responsible for creating all Burger King commercials and content in New Zealand, and the team proud to have helped BK NZ win APAC Operator of the Year 2021. We’d love to broaden our offering to help other BK markets hit record sales figures. But first, a little about us…

"Pitchblack Partners and Jetblack Production have been a critical part of BK NZ achieving all-time record sales figures."


Andrea Spearman,

Head of Marketing, Burger King NZ

The proof is in

the pudding

We’re students of the new BK Global Visual Identity and constantly push ourselves to find interesting new ways to interpret it. And we take great pride in making the burgers look jaw-dropping. Take a look.

Why JetBlack? 

A more efficient production model with better results.

1. Efficiency

We work directly with the local BK NZ marketing team, streamlining the production process and cutting out unnecessary costs


2. Equipment

We own the best film / photography equipment and facilities in the region, increasing the quality of the final output and saving significant costs on equipment hire


3. Experience

Our in-house Director is also a Senior Creative. He knows the new BK Visual Identity intimately and understands the unique requirements of a QSR shoot better than most

So, how can we help?

We’d love to collaborate with your local creatives to understand any and all regional quirks, and create world-class content for your market that helps smash sales targets.
If you’d like to chat, our JetBlack Head of Production is standing by.

Talk soon,
Sacha Moore  
Head of Production, JetBlack


2 Drake St, Auckland, NZ.
Phone: +6427 895 2368
Email: [email protected]

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